CMS Distribution signed Buffalo Technology in 2013 and offers both their NAS enclosures and pre-populated solutions.

Buffalo is a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and small business. They have been manufacturing a wide range of NAS, Storage, networking, memory and multimedia devices for over 40 years.

Buffalo developed original Buffalo technology to improve product security, functionality and to enhance user experience. Their TeraStation range is one of the safest NAS products in the world; it’s a closed system that was neither affected by the heartbleed bug, nor bitcoin miners and other malware. The company is recognised as the Number 1 total PC peripheral manufacturer in Japan, and was the worldwide consumer NAS market leader 6 years in a row (In-Stat).

Centralised storage for the home or office

NAS are hard disk storage devices which can connect to your home or office network. They enable multiple computers in a network to share the same storage space at once. Access to the NAS device is over a computer network (usually via TCP/IP) rather than being directly connected to the computer (as in internal hard drives or external USB/SCSI drives).

The NAS devices are assigned an IP address and are accessed by clients (PCs or laptops) via a server that acts as a gateway to the data (this server is within the NAS device and hence NAS devices are often referred to as NAS servers).

Buffalo NAS

How can NAS benefit you?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is becoming a powerful and proven technology for storing and sharing data in an office or home network. The increasing demand for NAS is fuelled by a number of factors:

  • Cost benefit You can now add storage to your network without upgrading or replacing existing servers – which can be an expensive option. NAS offers an affordable and expandable solution for end-users requiring network shared storage in a home or office environment. NAS architecture allows you to add storage on the network without having to buy a new and bigger server or upgrading it. NAS is therefore, an effective strategy for extending your existing investment in server technology.
  • Administrative convenience NAS offers a simple solution: store and share photos, files, music or videos from one central location and make it accessible to anyone with a PC or laptop in home or office network. NAS-based storage offers administrative features that simplify or reduce manual disk expansion and archiving functions, user and application partitioning, data protection, and other time-consuming storage maintenance activities.
  • Greater data reliability NAS devices with more than one hard drive bring an extra level of fault tolerance to the network as many offer mirroring RAID features and functionality.
NAS from Buffalo

NAS is becoming a powerful and proven technology for storing and sharing data in an office or home network. The increasing demand for NAS is fuelled by a number of factors:

Buffalo’s award-winning family of LinkStation™ and TeraStation™ NAS devices provide a simple cost-effective solution to protect, manage, and share your critical information. They are designed for small to medium-sized businesses or homes that want to share central data. All Buffalo NAS, devices include Memeo™ AutoBackup software to manage your essential backups.

Buffalo’s strong international industry alliances with companies such as Intel, Broadcom™, Nintendo and Microsoft have allowed it to lead the industry in the development of the latest technologies into practical tools for the business and the home.

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The Buffalo Reseller Reward Scheme

Buffalo runs a B2B reseller partner scheme, providing:

  • Special pricing
  • Hands-on training with Buffalo qualified trainers
  • Back-end rebate
  • Discounted demo unit
  • Dedicated Buffalo Account Manager
  • Enhanced listing on the Buffalo Website
  • Earn MDF (Platinum level)

The Buffalo Reseller Partner Scheme provides rewards to IT resellers of all sizes that are looking to grow and receive additional benefits from selling Buffalo TeraStation NAS products. Buffalo offers a simple to qualify, tiered scheme designed to ensure that benefits are achieved as your Buffalo business grows.

Partners will benefit from a simple bonus scheme, a single point of contact at Buffalo, discounted demo products, preferential selection for projects, complimentary product training, recipient of Buffalo leads, and many other great advantages. The programme is easy to follow, and is designed to allow partners of all sizes to compete within this crowded market place.


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