Cocoon Innovation

Cocoon is the ultimate organisation system for gadgets.

Cocoon’s line of bags and cases are designed for those who love tech and have lots of gadgets and accessories they can’t live without.

Featuring a GRID-IT!®, the most intelligent organisation system ever invented, each of their products is designed to store, carry, and protect gadgets and accessories. With endless maneuverability and storage options, the GRID-IT!® keeps gadgets safe, secure and organised inside an already ingeniously designed bag.

GRID-IT!® – a gadgets best friend

  • Organise chargers, cords, headphones and gadgets
  • Holds items firmly in place
  • Endless configurations

The GRID-IT!® is a unique weave of rubberised elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place.

Designed to provide endless configurations of objects, digital devices and personal effects, GRID-IT!® is as versatile as life itself!


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