CMS Distribution have been an authorised Crucial partner since 2011 in the UK and Ireland, supporting resellers with distribution, business and technical services.

Crucial. The memory and storage experts

Crucial is a global brand of Micron Technology Inc. one of the largest memory and flash storage manufacturers in the world. They specialise in computer memory upgrades (DRAM) and solid state drives (SSDs) and offer more than 250,000 upgrades for over 50,000 systems. This means that a higher level of quality and expertise is built into their products than is often available through third-party upgrades. From the first modern modules to cutting-edge DDR4 memory and the world’s most reliable SSDs, Micron have been engineering the technologies that have been powering computers for 35 years and counting.

Crucial is the only brand of memory and storage that’s’ focused on the channel and vertically integrated with a major DRAM and NAND manufacturer.

From the first modern memory modules to cutting-edge DDR4 memory and some of the world’s most reliable SSDs, Crucial have engineered the technology that’s powered computers and servers since the early days of the memory industry.

With over 25,000 patents on file, 6,500 engineers on staff and 35 years of experience, Crucial translate their expertise into concrete ways so your organisation can increase performance and productivity.

Quality and Reliability Tested

When businesses and consumers purchase Crucial memory products, they know they’re getting a higher level of quality and reliability. The quality and reliability of Micron, Ballistix, Crucial and Lexar products is directly related to our extensive manufacturing and test process experience.

Performance Lab

Every product they produce moves through more than 800 processes. All of their products are individually tested for functionality before they are shipped and as part of this process, they have established two post-production labs to ensure that their products achieve high real-world performance from personal to enterprise applications.

In the Crucial Performance Lab, they perform hundreds of behind-the-scenes tests each year to dissect memory and SSD compatibility. Because of their close working relationship with computer manufacturers, they get early access to the latest chipsets and motherboards as they’re being developed. Before new products and operating systems are released, Crucial are able to work with OEMs to ensure that their products are compatible with existing and upcoming systems.


  • Aftermarket Upgrades – Crucial provides you the tools to upgrade any customers’ systems cost effectively and profitably, with a complete range of client SSD and DRAM upgrades including laptop, Performance, Mac and Server memory
  • Key Benefits – Online advisor tools, marketing programs and sales support for channel partners and end-users
  • Target – Consumer and Business


For more than 35 years, Crucial have developed, manufactured and refined memory technology for the world’s computer manufacturers and everyday users. Through their signature compatibility tools, they have helped identify compatible upgrades for millions of systems and counting. Crucial memory is available for over 100,000 systems and enables faster, more seamless performance. Backed by one of the industry’s most in-depth quality programs, 100% component and module testing, and leading warranties, Crucial memory is built to last.

Client SSDs

Since the earliest days of solid state drives (SSDs), Crucial developed and manufactured cutting-edge NAND flash memory technology, the building block of SSDs. From the landmark C300 SSD to their latest family of drives, they have created definitive products that have revolutionised the performance and reliability of computers all around the world. Crucial SSDs deliver nearly instant access to data and a complete system transformation. Backed by hundreds of SSD qualification tests and over a thousand hours of pre-release validation testing, Crucial SSDs offer performance you can trust.

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