Elyxr Audio provide the perfect blend of design, performance and affordability

Elyxr Audio comes from a passion to step out of the shadow of conformity and shine in the realm of honest, quality product. Bringing together 16 years’ experience in design and quality sourcing, Elyxr brings a classic sound, accentuated with stunning looks – a value to behold.

Elyxr Audios philosophy is to bring their customers serious value, without the compromise for quality. They pride themselves on delivering confidence to their customers through authentic uplifting sound and designs that inspire beauty.

Elyxr Liberty: Bluetooth earphones with in-line mic and controls

The Elyxr Liberty are perfect for the active lifestyle and sit beautifully in any ear with rose gold accents and secure fit ear tips.

They produce incredible sound and are perfect for use at home, out running or even at the gym.


Elyxr Air: completely wireless earbuds with charger, for a truly untethered audio experience

Available in jet black, gunmetal and rose gold, Elyxr Air is the perfect companion with impressive sound quality and premium style. Elyxr Air come with a power station that chargers the Air earbuds and a phone on the go, whilst fitting into the palm of a hand, allowing endless hours of enjoyment.

The Elyxr Air automatically disconnect once placed in the charging station, and magnetic conductive technology keeps the earbuds in place.


Elyxr Fusion: immersive sound, dynamic audio

The Elyxr Fusion is the ideal companion to the Elyxr Revolution Turntable – colours have been used to match them perfectly. Comfort is key and Elyxr Audio have paid particular attention to the Fusion’s wearability over prolonged use, making them not only the ideal headphones at home, but even on long-haul flights.


Elyxr Majestic: dynamic sound in a ceramic housing

The Elyxr Majestic earphones deliver hi-fidelity sound wrapped in a ceramic housing, giving users incredible audio sound with a stunningly beautiful design.

The deep base tones and crisp highs enrich the user’s audio experience, with tilted ear tips, they are engineered to stay in the ears with ultimate comfort.


Elyxr Vitae: high-fidelity sound with ceramic design

The Elyxr Vitae Earphones deliver hi-fidelity sound with deep bass and crisp highs. With tilted ear tips, the Vitae are engineered to stay in the user’s ears with ultimate comfort.

Built using a ceramic housing, the Vitae produce remarkable audio performance, providing users with an uplifting sound experience.


Elyxr Revolution: vintage styling with modern technology

The Elyxr Revolution vinyl player brings vintage to the present, dressed in a beautiful briefcase design that accentuates class. Users can listen to music on vinyl, the way artists intended, without the need for external speakers.

The Elyxr Revolution sits beautifully in any home, with sleek, cool casing and soft burgundy lining, with luxurious metallic fittings.


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