CMS Distribution added Freecom to their consumer portfolio in 1999.  

Founded in 1989, Freecom designs, manufacturers and markets innovative desktop and mobile HDD storage solutions, external SSDs, Blu-Ray / DVD burners, and various accessories and services, serving both PC and Mac users. Established in Germany, the company has offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Russia and Johannesburg.

Freecom strive to develop innovative products with appealing designs and additional services that lead to high quality user experience for fast accessing and safely storing digital data in the converging markets.

Freecom Innovative German Quality

Their products are designed, engineered and certified in Germany according to the highest quality standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. To meet the high expectations of professional users their products are delivered with extensive warranty and unlimited free helpdesk support. Freecom is an industry pioneer in easy-to-use external storage and one of the leading European storage brands, holding many key distribution and retail partnerships throughout Europe and Asia. Freecom has a twenty-year history in developing and marketing high-quality, innovative storage solutions that meet the needs of consumers, professional users and small businesses.

Freecom 25 Years

Their vision is that access to digital data is essential to life in the 21st century. The converging electronics markets will open major opportunities for companies who understand the transformation in both professional and consumer electronics market.

Selecting the Right Product

Adopting the right back-up procedure and choice of media depends on many elements including the amount of data being saved, the perceived value of the data, the levels of accepted risk and the length of time needed to keep the data for.

For volume – Hard Disk Drives

The workhorse for backups – HDDs are ideally suited or regular, large volume backups. They are very reliable and convenient to use, and the cost per gigabyte is low, so they will continue to be main devices used for backing up.

For Performance – Solid State Drives

SSDs are best suited for situations where performance matters most. They tend to be more expensive than HDDs and come in smaller capacities, but they are super fast and due to the fact that there are no moving parts, they are very robust and can better withstand the bumps and bashes of daily life.

For the Long Term – Optical Media

Backing up on HDDs or SSDs is fine for short and medium-term storage, but when customers are looking to keep files for a long period of time (from 10 – 100 years), they need to consider other options. Burning files onto a DVD or Blu-ray disc is still one of the safest storage methods available today and should always be used for the files that you want to keep for the long term.

For Support – Software Tools

To help you with back up, there are a number of software tools that can be employed. Freecom bundles a selection of these tools free with each drive to help organise and schedule backups.

When Disaster Hits – Data Recovery

If for some reason a PC or Mac breaks and has not been backed up, there are services available to recover the data. Computer data recovery is a tricky business but Freecom supports a recovery service that is available for any brand of internal or external hard disk drive, SSD or Flash Memory device, however old or new.

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