Joby create well-designed, revolutionary products that inspire the creative and active lifestyle. 

GorillaPod Tripods: portable, flexible tripods, with a sleek style, for all kinds of cameras, from point & shoot to mirrorless and DSLR.

The world isn’t flat, which is why out-of-focus pictures and shaky video footage are a regular annoyance. The GorillaPod stand counters this by adapting to even the most uneven terrain effortlessly. Wrap its leg joints around objects or use its rubber grip pads to keep its feet firmly locked in place to take the ideal shot every time.

GorillaPods are an excellent alternative to a full-size tripod, they’re lighter to carry and come in different sizes, and for different devices.

Action Cam & 360° Video Gear: a range of action camera gear, including mounts, jib kits, flexible arms and clamps.


Mounts & baseplates: From BallHeads to UltraPlates
Accessories for phones, cameras, tripods, flashes and more!


Straps for photography: smart and convenient camera security


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