Kygo Life

Future classics that capture the euphoric feeling of the music

Kygo Life is a lifestyle brand founded by the Norwegian artist Kygo, headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Kygo Life was created out of Kygo’s enthusiasm to offer superior music experiences to everyone, regardless of people’s music taste. Therefore, Kygo Life products are designed to produce exceptional sound and to fit each person perfectly.

The aim is to develop top-quality audio equipment that sounds amazing and looks great. Kygo Life is driven to continually improve. So, as each product evolves it embraces the latest technology and focuses on perfecting the details until I’m absolutely happy the end result is the best it can be.

Kygo A11/800 Headphones

Kygo A11/800 are perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of what’s happening around you. Whether you’re doing business on the go, studying or unwinding, you can now be in complete musical bliss by enjoying all the benefits that come with these ultramodern noise-canceling headphones.

Besides having amazing Kygo-approved sound quality, it’s easy controlling the amount of ambient noise you want to block out via our Kygo Sound App.

There’s also an awareness mode, which cancels 50% of all ambient noise while amplifying voices. On top of that, there’s clear HD voice for phone calls, plus, you get incredible long-lasting battery life.

KYGO E7/900 Earbuds

Kygo Life has taken wireless technology to a whole new level with these ultra-sleek earphones, which are ideal for all types of physical activity or just regular everyday use. They’re also waterproof, allowing you to run in the rain or get extra sweaty at the gym knowing they can take it.

With E7/900 Active you get 3.5 hours of playing time, and by using the smart carrying case, another 10.5 hours of battery life in your pocket. This way you can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes all day long.

The buds connect via auto-pairing, so they stay perfectly in sync, and all functions such as changing tracks, adjusting the volume or taking calls are easy thanks to one multifunctional button.

KYGO A9/600 Headphones

Classic headphones with a sleek design that are comfortable to wear. They provide 23 hours of playing time with genuine sound quality featuring rich bass and clear highs. Compatible with the Kygo Sound App.

With inspiration from the piano, Kygo’s favourite instrument, these headphones are named after the piano chord A9. They are so good we guarantee they will become your favourite as well.

With a fit that isolates you and your music from the outside world, and by use of aptX® and AAC® codecs, these headphones give you the very best Bluetooth sound quality.

Ultra-soft ear cushions and lightweight ensures comfortable use, even for long periods of time.


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