LifePrint: Photos that come to life in your hands!

Lifeprint is an Augmented Reality Photo & Video printing and sharing platform for both Lifeprint and Harry Potter branded Photo and Video Printer products. Its unique sharing system allows you to print photos and videos, directly to your friend’s or family’s Lifeprint printer, from anywhere in the world.

Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality “Hyperphotos” allows you to embed a secret video inside any photo and then watch it come to life like magic in your hands with the App. Lifeprint can print any photo or video from your camera roll. Moreover, it directly integrates with Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram so you can easily print your Live photos, animated GIFs and videos directly from those platforms as well. Like, comment and reshare your pictures in the Lifeprint network.

Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer is a ZINK printer. ZINK stands for zero ink, it is thermal paper that uses heat to print a photo. Sticky-back paper makes it easy to put your photos anywhere and decorate your space with your favorite memories.

Lifeprint printers are available in 5 models: Standard 2×3, Ultra Slim 2×3, WiFi 3×4.5, Instant Print Camera 2×3, and the Harry Potter Photo and Video 2×3 Printer.

Introducing the Harry Potter Photo and Video Printer

Lifeprint powers the technology behind the Harry Potter Photo and Video Printer. Loaded with exclusive Wizarding World themed content, the Harry Potter Photo and Video Printer is tons of fun for every Harry Potter fan. Users can don digital Hogwarts scarfs or Death Eater masks if they’d like, record videos in the AR mode, and share the magical pictures to other users in the Lifeprint app as well as to Instagram. Each printer can be customized to its owner, and this includes adhesive medallions that show which Hogwarts House he or she identifies with.

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