Lite-On the Optical Storage Innovator

CMS Distribution have been a distributor of Lite-On since 2001. Lite-On Technology are Taiwan’s biggest CD-ROM drive manufacturer and number three worldwide.

With the introduction of more ODD products, like CD-RW, DVD-ROM, COMBO and DVD-RW drives, they increased their production from 1 million drives per month in 1999, to no less then 5 million drives per month in 2005. With this unique achievement they became the world’s second biggest ODD manufacturer. In 2002 Lite-On IT added a new business unit, Digital Consumer, to leverage their core competencies in optical storage from the IT industry in the consumer space.

Lite-on OpticalThe brand maintains a commitment to quality, innovation and manufacturing excellence coupled with a drive to continually introduce new features and products. This has helped them not only survive but also grow substantially during a period of consolidation where other players were forced out of the industry. Moreover, they continue to expand our position.

The company is one of the world’s largest optical disk drive manufacturers offering award-winning optical disk drives (ODD) to customers worldwide. Lite-On offers an array of optical disk drives (ODD) from DVD-ROM, DVDRW to Blu-ray Drives meeting the needs for various applications.  Whether you are building a gaming PC, desktop PC, or laptop, they have the perfect storage solution for you.

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