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Micro Focus supports the tactical and strategic business requirements of CMS customers and partners, through providing innovative solutions, software products and exceptional service.

Following the merger in 2014 with The Attachmate Group of Companies, Micro Focus is now one company operating two product portfolios, namely Micro Focus and SUSE. The Micro Focus portfolio is a grouping of the Attachmate, Novell, NetIQ, Borland and Micro Focus products, and the SUSE portfolio comprises value-added commercial open source solutions for enterprise customers.

The merger created a leading technology company allowing Micro Focus to execute this strategy more completely and effectively.

Micro Focus enable customers to exploit trends such as the cloud, mobility and virtualisation, whilst also leveraging prior investments and established IT assets – bridging the old and the new.

Micro Focus are developing its channel strategy to ensure customers have the flexibility to work with the right partners in the right place. There is a significant opportunity ahead: over 20,000 customers worldwide. Partner facing teams have been aligned to facilitate a more collaborative approach, jointly positioning value to the customer.

Watch the most recent webcast, reviewing the benefits of partnering with Micro Focus and explaining  the PartnerNet support and infrastructure in place to help you drive to even greater success!


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