MSP Solutions by Barracuda

Why Partner with Barracuda?

MSP Solutions by Barracuda (Intronis) delivers the full power of the latest data protection and security technologies to their partners at a flat cost, which includes access to exclusive Partner Success resources. Offering unlimited revenue growth opportunities and the channel’s best support team, Intronis is built to help MSPs succeed.


Total Protection

icon-total-protectionIntronis provides comprehensive security and data protection solutions to proactively and reactively protect a broad range of IT environments. From cloud backup and appliance-based solutions to email security and archiving their product portfolio enables you to meet your customers’ diverse IT needs.

Total Ecosystems Integration

Their PSA and RMM integrations mean you can consolidate billing, ticketing and other service processes across solution platforms for maximise your team’s efficiency. Taking advantage of these integrations means no more logging in and out of multiple portals to get what you need and all the information you want is at your fingertips.

Total Management icon-total-management

Intronis intuitive and user-friendly portal gives you more time to spend with your valued customers. Plus, advanced automation simplifies your workload, so you can get through business routines faster and spend more time building customer relationships, closing new business or training new hires.

Total Pricing Control

Ground-breaking Fixed Price Plans provide you with predictable monthly costs which enables you to bundle Intronis’s offerings with yours to boost margins and make your services stickier. Their best partners grow their margins by both building up their account lists and upselling customers with new services as their needs evolve.

Total Partnershipicon-total-msp-partnership

Providing everything from customised on-boarding and free training to sales and marketing enablement resources. Intronis’s award-winning Partner Program provides technical support, professional services and more to make you successful.

Complete Data Protection for Your SMBs

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions for IT Service Providers

Intronis MSP Solutions simplifies the deployment of data protection and security strategies by offering managed service providers and IT solution providers multiple options to serve their SMB customers’ diverse IT needs.

Next Generation Firewallnext-generation-firewall-chasis

Optimise your network and security with protection to secure multiple customer networks from advanced threats.

Essentials for Office 365barracuda-essentials-logo

Reinforce your Office 365 offering with enhanced email security, backup and archiving.

The Appliance Optionintronis-barracuda-backup-appliance

Scalable data protection that works in Windows, Mac and Linux environments in a turnkey, all-in-one, subscription-based solution.

Intronis ECHOplatformecho_logo

The original software-only re-brandable data protection suite designed purely for MSPs to address the needs of SMBs.

Professional Services from Intronisprofessional-services-abstract

Improve your managed service success and reduce administration

A team of experienced backup and security solution experts are ready to help you get the most out of the Barracuda MSP solution portfolio and the most out your time in each day. Whether you’re looking to launch a new security practice without investing heavily in training and staff, or to go hands-free when it comes to managing your backups, they’ve got you covered.

Managed Firewall IconManaged NextGen Firewalls: Offer robust firewall protection to your customers, with little to no time invested by your team. By letting MSP Solutions by Barracuda take on configuration and management of your firewall(s), you can grow your security service offering using next generation technology, without training your technicians.

Managed Backup IconManaged Backup Appliance: When you combine the power of the Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition, with our Managed Backup Appliance service, you receive complete end-to-end backup and recovery coverage. Their team will deliver 24/7 custom configuration, monitoring, management and disaster recovery as a service.

Managed ECHOplatform IconManaged ECHOPlatform and Services: Get all the benefits of the Intronis ECHOplatform and enjoy the highest level of customised support. Barracuda MSPs Professional Services team will improve your backup success rates and minimise administration time by taking on the day-to-day management of your backups. Additional services such as Express Restore put the job of conducting restores in our hands – no need for you to worry about bandwidth constraints.

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