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NZXT delivers affordable premium cases that enable gamers to build the extraordinary. In fact, it is their track record of creating products that embody their commitment to imagination, craftsmanship, and value which have built trust with the gaming community and have gained a passionate community following.




The Mission

NZXT relentlessly evolve products and services of the highest quality to make extraordinary gaming experiences achievable and fun.


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The Beginning

NZXT was founded in 2004 by Johnny Hou as a sub-brand of iBUYPOWER producing products specifically for the DIY PC building community. The company’s first product was the NZXT Guardian, which was a case featuring a plastic front bezel resembling Transformers toys and lighting effects. Over time, they gradually expanded to other categories of computer hardware, including computer power supplies, computer cooling, motherboards, and streaming devices.


NZXT has been making PC cases since 2003, when they released the Guardian. In 2013, the Phantom 630, 530, and 410 were released.

The S340 released in 2016, and later featured a collaboration with Razer. The S340 was refreshed in 2016 with the S340 Elite, which featured a tempered glass side panel instead of the acrylic panel of the previous S340. A limited Hyperbeast edition of the S340 Elite was later released. Also in 2016, NZXT released the Manta – A mini-ITX chassis that featured radically different design compared to their case lineup at the time.

A new line of cases was released in October 2017, consisting of the H700, H400, and the H200. They are minimalist in design, and are constructed from steel with tempered glass side panels. The “i” variants of each case come with decorative LED lighting and a fan controller.

The H-series cases were refreshed in May 2019. The new revisions introduced a front-panel USB-C port. One of the refreshed cases, the H510 Elite, added a second glass panel on the front of the case.


NZXT has multiple all-in-one water cooler products under their Kraken lineup. The first of these was released in 2013, in both 140mm and 280mm sizes. NZXT has since released multiple updates to this lineup, including new coolers in 120mm and 360mm sizes, and improvements to the pumps and radiators. Most recently, they released a new cooler, the Z73, which includes a customisable LED display, and updates to the rest of their AIO lineup.


NZXT released their own line of motherboards for the Intel Z370 chipset in January 2018 with a refresh in October 2018 to support the Z390 chipset. It was praised for its minimalist design, as the circuitry is not exposed. June 2020 saw a brand new release of the Intel Z490.

Power Supply Units

NZXT began selling power supply units in 2010, before ceasing sales of them in 2016. They re-entered the market in partnership with Seasonic in July 2018 with a series of modular digitally-controlled power supplies.


Over the 16 years of successful service, NZXT have built up a passionate gaming community following. Their dedication to make extraordinary gaming experiences achievable and fun, you can count on the team when it comes to delivering the full gaming experience.

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