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OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy.

OMRON Healthcare is the Global No.1 brand in both digital blood pressure monitors, with over 200 million blood pressure monitors sold, as well as nebulizers for respiratory treatment. The company’s other core product categories are low-frequency pain therapy equipment, electronic thermometers and body composition monitors. For many decades, OMRON’s devices have helped people to prevent, treat and manage their medical conditions both at home and in clinical practice in over 110 countries in the world.

OMRON Healthcare Group is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. OMRON Healthcare Europe B.V. is the healthcare division for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa and provides service to customers in more than 74 countries.

Omron aims to provide a total healthcare management service, aimed at preventing and improving common health problems as hypertension, diabetes and obesity by minimizing the impact of your health conditions and enable you to live a more fulfilling and active life with the products they offer.

Redefining blood pressure monitoring experience, EVOLV is an advanced all-in-one connected upper arm blood pressure monitor.

It has no tubes, and no wires. Thanks to the OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff technology, EVOLV ensures 360° accuracy in any position around the upper arm and delivers accurate results.

OMRON devices have proven their reliability and accuracy under rigorous testing procedures by major health organisations on general populations. Additionally, EVOLV has successfully passed validation of International Protocol defined by European Society of Hypertension (ESH-IP) for pregnant women and women with pre-eclampsia. EVOLV is a reliable and appropriate device for pregnant women and women with pre-eclampsia, ensuring accurate readings and support for the doctor to timely diagnose possible hypertensive disorders.

EVOLV measures blood pressure comfortably and quickly. EVOLV’s unique Intellisense Technology automatically inflates the cuff to what is ideal for the body and the Cuff Wrap Guide ensures that the cuff is wrapped correctly—not too loose or too tight.

EVOLV displays the blood pressure results straight on the LED screen and, wirelessly, also can send the readings to the smartphone. With the ‘OMRON connect’ app, people can view, backup, and track their blood pressure results.

GentleTemp 720 – Fast, contactless and simple measurement

OMRON’s contactless thermometer is a superfast, accurate infrared thermometer with specific features to keep your baby’s temperature constantly under control, with the lowest possible fuss.

  • Measures forehead body temperature with no contact
  • Measures surface temperature, from a milk bottle or food dispenser for example,
  • With memory for 25 readings, it’s possible to track temperature changes over a period of time and monitor trends.

Thanks to the backlit screen, readings can be clearly at nighttime, making it especially handy when measuring your baby’s temperature at night.

Walking style IV Activity Monitor

Every move counts. Keep yourself motivated by knowing exactly how you progress.

The Walking style IV uses a highly accurate 3D sensor to help you track your steps and how many calories you burn. It automatically detects your active, brisk steps from your normal walking routine. Next to that it comes with an ‘action’ mode that allows you to track a particular activity or time separately from your normal daily routine.


HeatTens Pain Reliever

OMRON HeatTens is a pain reliever intended for reducing and relieving muscles and joints pain, stiffness and numbness in the back, arms, legs, shoulders and feet by applying electrical nerve stimulation to the surface of the skin near the site of the pain.

TENS pain relievers, also known as TENS machines, are small, handheld machines widely used by physiotherapists, pain specialists and other professionals. They use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to relieve mild to moderate pain in your back, shoulders, joints and muscles.

OMRON TENS machines, clinically tested for home use, provide you with drug-free pain relief. You can simplify your treatment with one of the pre-set programmes for specific parts of the body and you can personalise your treatment using the customisable settings. With the variable settings available, you should start from a lower intensity setting until you feel that it’s having a beneficial effect whilst still comfortable.



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