Founded in 2004, QSAN have now become one of the leading storage technology manufacturers in the industry. They strive to build secure, reliable and affordable enterprise class storage systems and are able to offer customers high performance products with comprehensive data protection and smart data management. Building on their experience in the storage industry, Qsan is able to provide products with outstanding performance, comprehensive data protection and smart data management. Being a leader in the storage technology industry, Qsan consistently develop high quality data storage systems with simplicity, security, scalability and reliability in mind.

Qsan storage solutions have been deployed globally and trusted by organisations’ businesses of all sizes and locations; furthermore, they are a recognised global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of data management and protection. Their customers can focus on building their business with award-winning data storage product lines combined with dedicated global service and support. Qsan is not just a storage vendor, but also a technology and design company with a focus on solution innovation.

Qsan AegisSAN Series: Secure and Reliable

Delivering highly reliable surveillance solutions for midsize to large deployment.

A good surveillance storage solution is providing continuous protection and instantaneous image access nowadays. The demand for IP/Network-based video surveillance systems and components is getting stronger to surpass the overall global demand for analog video surveillance.  The demands lead to higher resolution requirement and the need of bigger storage capacity. The overall data capacity will continue growing exponentially. Qsan AegisSAN series are capable of supporting flexible expansion and integrating to both analog and digital IP surveillance without compromising any performance and reliability. Customer can keep the analog devices and migrate to digital IP surveillance smoothly and seamlessly. Qsan’s new innovative storage solution supports more than 1000 cameras per system from multiple locations. Enormous amounts of recordings are streamed to NVRs for analytics and event handling. Customers may project flexibly depending on requirements and change it over time.

QSAN Surveillance Graph

Qsan Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Keep your data highly available

Data loss happens in all kinds of situations such as hard drive failures, virus attacks, file system crashes, unexpected power outage, and even natural disasters. Qsan provides array-based Storage Disaster Recovery Solution that includes writeable snapshots with VSS support, volume cloning, and remote replication. The storage planning varies with the main purpose of the data volumes. When a data volume is simply a backup for temporary data, a quick snapshot setup would be enough. But if a data volume contains important data such as contract records, purchase orders, or itself is a online database storage and cannot accept any downtime, the data volume’s recovery plan should include multiple, local, and remote site backups. The local backup can minimise the recovery time and the remote site backup is perfect for immediate replacement for the original data volume. The remote site backup also gives IT administrators more time to figure out and resolve the issues of the original data volume. When a natural disaster happens, the recovery may take longer than expected which may involve rebuilding new data centre.

Qsan Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution contains built-in writeable snapshot with VSS support, volume cloning, and remote replication. Qsan remote replication is well programmed with multiple features activating in the same time. It supports up to 32 data volumes per system for replicating. Each data volume can be setup manually or with schedule. The transmitting throughput is guaranteed with dedicated port support per RAID controller and protected with failover mechanism. Each source storage system can be a destination storage system to backup other storage systems in the same time. This feature is designed to fit any storage planning and circumstances. And when the private line has some problems or the traffic is jammed, the schedule tasks retry and restart in well-defined topology all the time. When there is a large amount of data to be replicating, the task is able to automatically start the transmitting when reaching the anteriorly configured threshold value. The automatic synchronisation mechanism can avoid too many data waiting to be replicated, and reduce the chance that the private line bandwidth may not be able to digest the amount of data in time before next task starts.

QSAN Backup

Server virtualisation using Qsan SAN storage

You can’t take full advantage of the power of server virtualisation without the involvement of SAN (Storage Area Network) storages. It’s the most important ingredient in making a successful, efficient, and highly available clustering recipe using server virtualisation software. A great IT infrastructure starts with a careful and thoughtful evaluation and planning work. Qsan SAN products will assure you a cost-effective and successful deployment of server virtualisation.

Software-based server virtualisation abstracts a single physical device and turns it into multiple virtual devices. It creates an abstraction layer between the physical server hardware and the virtual instances (virtual machines) that run on top of that hardware. There are 3 major players in this area, which are VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix.

QSAN Certified Partner

What are the benefits to become Qsan Certified Partner?

In addition to the benefits of becoming a regular Qsan partner (Q-Partner program), there are a lot of benefits to go the extra mile to advance into QCP program.

  • Qsan certification :  All certified partners receive an official certification to symbolise its technological competency, service capability, channel authority and business scale.
  • Training : Join QCS program to get the latest training about Qsan products and the latest technology trends.
  • Growth strategies : Qsan works with you directly on developing customised marketing plan to tailor your business needs to seize more growth opportunities.
  • Extension of Qsan : Service delivery by QCP engineers with access to parts and Qsan intellectual property and using innovative support technologies to act as a Qsan surrogate.
  • Dedicated support service : QCP will receive dedicated support resources or onsite service to solve critical issues.
  • Exclusive deals : Access to special Qsan promotions. First, you need to join the Q-Partner program and there are various requirements for Silver level and Gold level.

How to become a Qsan Certified Partner?QSAN QCP

Gold level QCP:

  • Join the Q-Partner program first or an existing Silver level QCP.
  • Have at least two Level 2 QCS individuals
  • Revenue requirements.
  • An annually updated reseller profile on Qsan partner portal.

Silver level QCP:

  • Join the Q-Partner program first.
  • Have at least one Level 2 QCS individual.
  • Revenue requirements.
  • An annually updated reseller profile on Qsan partner portal.

QSAN is not just a storage vendor, but also a technology and design company with a focus on solution innovation. CMS Distribution have resources in place to support resellers with technical training and business development.


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