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Symantec, the global leader in cybersecurity, has been CMS Distribution’s partner for more than 10 years now.

Operating one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, Symantec  protects companies, governments and individuals  from the next generation of attacks.

At Symantec, partners are essential to the success and growth of the business. Symantec is committed to helping you grow and sustain profitable security business by giving you the support needed to solve your customers’ business issues, while delivering a superior customer experience that differentiates your offering from competitors.

Secure One Partner Program Overview:

The New Secure One partner program is enhanced and simplified, with consolidated competencies, fewer sales accreditation and accelerated pay-outs – helping you to maximise profits by keeping effort and costs to a minimum:

Security Focused: Secure One is optimised for partners to resell Symantec’s Core Security products and gain expertise in building integrated solutions and providing professional services to help solve complex customer problems. Focused competency areas mean partners spend less time managing their Symantec partnership and more time with customers.

Easier Achievements: Secure One’s consolidated competencies and simplified requirements have been designed to make it easier for partners to achieve higher tier benefits. As more product solutions are sold and certifications earned, partners will see increased rewards in transactional, business and strategic benefits.

Faster Rewards: Secure One enables partners to earn faster rewards by continuing to grow your business with Symantec. Register now and take advantage of the fast-growing security market to earn higher payouts with lower investment.

Through the achievement of competencies, partners can progress through Secure One’s four membership tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Secure One’s performance and competency-based structure rewards you for your dedication and commitment to your partnership with Symantec. Each tier provides potential to increase your rewards and revenue as you grow with us.

Secure One Tiers:
As a Registered tier partner, you have taken the first step building your partnership with Symantec.
As a Silver tier partner, you have exceeded the minimum revenue threshold in any one competency.
As a Gold tier partner, you have invested in your Symantec partnership through the achievement of the next level of revenue threshold requirements and at least one Gold Competency.
As a Platinum tier partner, you are one of Symantec’s most invested partners and have achieved the highest level of performance in meeting increased revenue threshold requirements and at least one Platinum Competency.

Symantec Partner Benefits

Financial Benefits

Partner with CMS Distribution and Symantec to earn more rewards, expand your market footprint and grow your business with Symantec’s performance-based financial benefits:

More Rebates by Growing Your Business: Gold and Platinum tier partners are rewarded when you grow your business with the Growth Accelerator Rebate (GAR) by achieving set quarterly new business growth targets.

More Benefits by Expanding Your Market Footprint: Gold and Platinum tier partners can enrich your investment with Symantec Partner Development Fund (SPDF), a benefit designed to enhance your growth and marketing initiatives through pooled development funds at the Gold tier and accrued funds at the Platinum tier.

More Revenue on SMB deals with Margin Builder: Available through the Margin Builder Tool eligible partners can earn a recommended additional discounts for new business opportunity identification and closure on qualifying Core Security solutions. Availability may vary by region.

More Rewards with Opportunity Registration: Available through the Opportunity Registration portal accessed via PartnerNet, eligible partners can earn a discount or rebate for new business opportunity identification and closure through the enhanced Opportunity Registration Benefit.

Read more on the most recent Symantec Secure One Guide.


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