The UK’s most award-winning Vehicle Camera and Video Telematics company

VisionTrack is Europe’s leading provider of cloud-based video telematics built using Microsoft Azure technology.

VisionTrack innovative products deliver visual insights into driver behavior in addition to traditional telematics data.

For fleet customers, VisionTrack technology encourages good driver behavior, enhanced duty of care and reduces fuel costs. It also helps boost productivity and responsible use of assets.

The insurance benefits of VisionTrack technology include real-time video footage capable of proving liability beyond dispute. This is invaluable when dealing with disputed or bogus claims, while instant FNOL alerts significantly reduce the cost of justified claims.

Even a quarter of a second can make the difference between a near-miss and a serious incident. VisionTrack is passionate about road safety and is continually developing our technology with the aim of helping drivers understand how they drive in the real world, educating them to drive more defensively and giving them extra space and time to react.

VT2000 Forward-Facing Connected Camera

The VT2000 is a full HD 1080p connected vehicle telematics camera, featuring instant remote Cloud upload, live view snapshots, health-checking, built-in GPS/GLONASS and G-shock sensor, designed to deliver high-quality videos of incidents instantly to our data platform.


VT5500/VT5500-G 5-CHL Full HD Mobile DVR

The VT5500/VT5500-G is a full HD 1080/720p ruggedised, 5-channel mobile digital video recorder designed for vehicle surveillance and monitoring, with built-in connectivity, advanced video compression, GPS positioning technology for location tracking and Wi-Fi for wireless data upload.



VT410-AHD Side-View Camera

A ruggedised, wide-view camera with flexible mounting, angle adjustment options and infrared night vision.


Why choose VisionTrack

  • VisionTrack award-winning technology means that you see exactly what the driver sees, and why each event happens, protecting your fleet against exaggerated claims and crash-for-cash scams. All of the cameras can be fitted professionally into any vehicle type. The set up quickly and efficiently – ensuring you can carry on with your business with minimal downtime.
  • VisionTrack 4G cameras transmit real-time data to cloud based platform, which you can access anywhere, 24/7. All of the data is processed and stored securely on our Microsoft Azure Platform.
  • Email notifications alert users about anything from speeding, sudden shocks and acceleration, to panic button pushes and sharp braking. Users of VisionTrack technology can rest assured that in the unfortunate event of an insurance claim, liability decisions can be concluded quickly and easily due to having video evidence of what really happened.
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