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Established in 1999, Nextbase manufacture quality, affordable and safe portable entertainment systems, most prominently dashcams.

Nextbase dashcam in car
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Why Nextbase?

Available in: France

Nextbase’s mission is to provide the best quality in-car camera technology to motorists around the world, making journeys safer for both drivers and passengers alike. Building on its safety background, Nextbase have pioneered a line of dashcams, most popular in Europe. Their unprecedented range integrates industry-leading video recording and wireless communication technologies, built to assist drivers in any situation.


NEXTBASE 622GW - The Ultimate Dash Cam
Consumer Electronics

NEXTBASE 622 GW – The Ultimate Dash Cam

The 622GW includes image stabilisation, what3words and 4K image quality.

NEXTBASE 322GW - The connected Dash Cam
Consumer Electronics

NEXTBASE 322GW - The Connected Dash Cam

The 322GW includes revolutionary new safety features and emergency SOS alert.

NEXTBASE 122 – Setting the new standard
Consumer Electronics

NEXTBASE 122 – Setting the New Standard

The 122 is an entry-level dash cam with improved 720p HD recording.

Nextbase - Rear Window Cam - Your eyes from behind
Consumer Electronics

NEXTBASE Rear Window Cam - Your Eyes from Behind

The Rear Window Camera guards against tailgaters and rear impacts.

Nextbase Cabin view camera - Clear surrounding pictures
Consumer Electronics

NEXTBASE Cabin View Camera - Clear Surrounding Pictures

Recording inside the vehicle is ideal to capture vehicles beside you.

Nextbase Hardwire Kit – An easy installation
Consumer Electronics

NEXTBASE Hardwire Kit – An Easy Installation

All the components required to easily piggyback on the fuse box of any vehicle.

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Nextbase 622gw attached to car windscreen

Why Partner with CMS & Nextbase?

Avesta, a CMS Distribution company, has been the exclusive distributor of Nextbase in France since 2010, supporting reseller partners with sales, business development, and technical services.

By working with Nextbase and Avesta, partners can access a wide range of powerful sales and marketing enablement tools, designed to drive business growth and profitability. Nextbase also offer a comprehensive training plan to help resellers to build their sales and technical expertise.


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