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Skurio’s Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform has three solutions; Dark Web Monitoring, Data Breach Detection and Tailored Threat Intelligence. It’s powerful, affordable, and easy to use.

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Why Skurio?

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Protecting data inside a network perimeter is essential. But these days, your customers use mobile devices, third-party cloud-based applications, and distributed supply chains to process and store their data. The Skurio DRP platform can help you mitigate your customers’ risk from cyber-attacks wherever their data lives.

Skurio Products

Cybersecurity, Information Security

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Whether you're concerned about threats to your networks, products, data or people, Skurio's Cyber Threat Intelligence solution brings focus to threat intelligence, searching only for threats that are relevant to your organisation. With everything in one place, your analysts can spend less time searching for security for security threats and more time analysing.

Cybersecurity, Information Security

Data Breach Detection

Data breaches are inevitable. If you're focused on protecting what's inside the firewall, you can't see sensitive data that's already out there. Skurio illuminates risk by monitoring for your critical data and information around the clock and providing you with instant alerts.

Cybersecurity, Information Security

Dark Web Monitoring

Our automated Dark Web Monitoring solution is at the heart of the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform. It performs surface, deep and Dark Web scans around the clock for your business data. Its comprehensive sources include IRC chatrooms, bin sites, data dumps and social sources, as well as Dark Web forums and marketplaces, are monitored to detect breached data and cyber threats.

Cybersecurity, Information Security

Domain Monitoring

Domain Monitoring combines Typosquatting detection with DNS Monitoring to reduce the risks from brand impersonation. Typosquatting, is a technique used by scammers to exploit mistyped URLs or to create a domain that impersonates a legitimate business. If the domain is registered and parked, DNS Monitoring can detect changes that show a website or mail server has been added later.

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Why Partner with CMS & Skurio?

Partner with Skurio and CMS to enter a new market; Digital Risk Protection. According to Gartner, the global market opportunity for Digital Risk Protection was $443 million in 2022, and is growing fast.


Launch new solutions or services to all organisations of any size, from any industry:

Choose to resell the Skurio DRP platform or create Managed DRP service packages. The Skurio Partner Programme supports and rewards you with fast start onboarding, online training, discounts, and incentives.


Partner Portal:

Access sales enablement, demand generation campaigns, training and register your deals on our partner portal.

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Dedicated support from DRP Experts:

Entering new markets requires new knowledge and skills. So, we support you with dedicated DRP experts in pre-sales, sales, technical, and marketing. We help you generate demand, deploy services, or implement new solutions and give support to your customers.

Work with our highly experince cybersecurity analysts to help you grow your business and expertise in threat intelligence.

Skurio offers flexible packages and commercials that maximise profitability:

With Skurio DRP, you can expand your cybersecurity portfolio, increase revenue with existing customers and reach new markets and customers. Skurio have the best commercials in the market whether you are reselling the platform or launching services.


Contact us to find out how we can develop your Skurio business: