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Founded in 1991, TomTom has grown from a start-up business that designed and popularised nomadic GPS, to the world’s specialist in tracking technologies.

TomTom woman driving a car with a TomTom sat nav on the dashboard
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Why TomTom?

Available in: France

For TomTom, building a better world is at the heart of their business. Their values and vision are reflected in their products and services, their people and communities, and right through to their business operations.

They create technologies that make driving safer. They are cartographers, pioneers in modern cartography standards. They continue to innovate by offering maps for all needs: from nomadic and automated navigation systems, to web and mobile applications.

TomTom desktop and mobile site

TomTom even manage to reduce human impact on the environment! With their expert knowledge of traffic, they help people, cities, governments, and businesses move more freely, with the goal of reducing emissions from driving.

For all of these reasons and more, TomTom has become a trusted partner for the world’s largest automotive and IT companies, for whom it provides its geolocation technologies, including road maps, navigation software and real-time services such as traffic information.


TomTom Go Essential6
Consumer Electronics

TomTom Go Essential 6 – For Smarter Driving

Receive the latest maps and software updates via built-in Wi-Fi.

TomTom Go Discover 7
Consumer Electronics

TomTom GO Discover 7 - New Generation Navigation

Drive with confidence and avoid unpleasant surprises.

TomTom Go Classic 5
Consumer Electronics

TomTom Go Classic 5 – Simple and Economical

Receive smart routes to avoid traffic jams in real-time.

TomTom Go Professiona 6200
Consumer Electronics

TomTom Go Professional 6200 – Designed for Large Vehicles

Optimise your journeys with routes adapted for trucks.

TomTom Go Camper
Consumer Electronics

TomTom Go Camper – Discover Unforgettable Journeys

Optimise your journeys with routeGet inspired by hundreds of routes tested and shared by the TomTom RoadTrips community.s adapted for trucks.

TomTom Rider
Consumer Electronics

TomTom Rider – Discover Your Next Adventure

Discover the most exceptional motorcycle routes in the world.

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TomTom a couple drives a car with a TomTom on the dashboard

Why Partner with CMS & TomTom?

Avesta, a CMS Distribution company, has been a long-standing partner of TomTom Consumers since the start of their adventure. They chose us for our knowledge of the market and our commercial and logistical performance, which has always been “collaboration first”.

Avesta have always been able to find the right solutions to support TomTom’s development in France, helping them to become a leader in the GPS category of the retail market. We work together in a climate of trust conducive to the development of commercial activity.


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