Virtual Meetings from CMS

Virtual Meetings from CMS

If you cannot visit your customers, let your customers come to you.

In business, we need to be responsible for finding solutions in the face of unknown factors that threaten the way that business transactions and partnerships are concluded without the obligatory handshake.  We need to go virtual to keep business moving.

Of course, virtual and digital meetings are nothing new.  What is new, however, is the demand.

With the world operating on a social distancing policy that has banned all significant events, gatherings, conferences and festivals, we are now in a position to push the need to invest in better digital technology to deliver the face to face meeting experience in the comfort of a safe zone.

At CMS, we are proud of connecting technology to customers, and this company message will continue as we support the need to keep businesses moving by being connected.

CMS Marketing

The CMS Marketing team, a reactive in-house marketing agency that supports over 150 technology vendors around the world, consists a group of individuals that have open-eyed experiences of building, maintaining, managing and delivery virtual and digital events for customers.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of your goals, technologies and the market, so can develop highly-effective and creative communications – targeting the right message at the right audience to deliver measurable ROI. And we don’t stop there. Once the campaign has been delivered, and the event has finished, CMS Distribution will also follow up on leads to arrange meetings, report on campaign activity and help to close more sales

Virtual Events

In today’s hyper-connected world, you don’t always need a physical location to host a successful event. Instead of booking a venue, ask attendees to join your virtual event from their workplace, their home office or even their hotel room.

From conferences to product launches, there are lots of different types of virtual events that offer an excellent opportunity for vendors and partners to expand awareness and engage audiences they might not otherwise have been able to connect with.

CMS Options

In these unprecedented times with events and meetings being forcibly postponed and even cancelled, we understand the need for vendors and partners to be still able to connect and engage. The B2B and B2C technology market have an enormous role to play in keeping businesses moving with the best bespoke solutions for customers. Whether due to working remotely or having restricted access to meet partners and demonstrate solutions, we have pulled together a suite of bespoke online event products that can help and keep business moving.

Bespoke Digital Events

The CMS team have designed several digital ways of transacting business opportunities when social distancing is in force; these include:

Online Summits

An online summit is a type of collaborative online event in which a host interviews speakers. Remote locations with pre-set agendas and a watching audience, ready with the end of session Q&A.


Virtual Roundtables

Facilitated conversations between senior executives provide a forum to discuss how to move your key projects forward, to research new ideas and technologies, to test theories and ideas, all from the comfort of your desk.



A single recording or an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device to listen.  Also available via multi-media players to discuss products and services.


Audio and video webinars

An online meeting or presentation held via the Internet in real-time or pre-recorded, the CMS webinars are great for product launches and insightful introductions to new products or services from leading vendors.


The Breakfast Club

Instead of traditional breakfast briefings, the CMS Breakfast Club is an online summit when all participants log on with their cup of tea or coffee in hand from the comfort of the home office, creating a more relaxed atmosphere for business chat.


The Lunch Club

A standard lunch and learn format with the added twist of attendees receiving a food voucher via email that they can use to order safely delivery takeaway as part of the lunch and learn experience in the webinar.


Digital Speed Pitching

A take on speed dating but online, CMS can set up vendors and customers together for 15-minute facetime business pitches around product and service.  This is a quick option via video conference that gives a direct one 2 one channel.

To find out more about our online and digital event options, speak with your CMS account manager or contact the CMS marketing team at

CMS Distribution

CMS and its partners are committed to helping ensure business continuity in the current climate.  As COVID -19 continues to spread we would like you to know that we’re taking action following government policy. We will update all its partners and customers as to our business strategy in the weeks and months ahead.

Brad Chuck