16 Questions to Ask in a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

16 Questions to Ask in a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

Cybersecurity purpose-built for businesses

Tired of forcing an enterprise or out-of-the-box solution to work for your business? Webroot’s cyber resilience solutions are built to save your business time and money.

To create a security plan that actually works, managed service providers (MSPs) and small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) should start by assessing the risk to their own or their clients’ organisations. By examining and taking an inventory of threats, vulnerabilities, and assets, MSPs and SMBs can create an effective baseline to help determine the proper security policies and procedures to put into place. But first, it’s helpful to study the following four profiles to pinpoint the types of threats actors organisations are most likely to encounter.

Endpoint Protection
Easily manage and secure users and departments across all stages of a cyberattack with effective, real-time protection.

DNS Protection
Stop up to 88% of known malware* at the domain layer across corporate and guest networks.

Security Awareness Training
Close your biggest security gap by educating your employees on phishing attacks, malware, and data compliance fines.

*Based on Webroot’s internal testing

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