Why attend CMS Connect 2020?

Why attend CMS Connect 2020?

Why does anyone ever attend a corporate event?

They, after all, provide an opportunity for presenters and attendees to collaborate and brainstorm, share ideas and best practices, raise awareness, and develop solutions. Removing participants from their traditional surroundings, daily distractions and comfort zones help enable clear and unhindered focus and attention.

It is for these very reasons why CMS Connect exists – by connecting technology to customers, our function is to offer the first-hand experience of using modern-day technology solutions.

Attending an event is an act of self-investment. Attendees experience growth by becoming more informed and by learning what’s most important for career advancement or for choosing the right products or services. Business owners experience firsthand how their stakeholders react to their message, which provides the valuable insight needed to grow their company.

CMS Connect offers attendees the chance to hear from leading experts, meet with experienced technology leads and of course, try first-hand the latest tech to hit the consumer market.

CMS Connect is a one-day event, helping customers explore the latest industry trends and discover emerging consumer technology. The 2020 focus is on how Innovation with Gamification is changing the way we use technology in the retail space and takes place on the 4th March at The Brewery in central London.

If you need any real observable proof of the speedy advancement of digital technology over the years, take a long look at the gaming industry.

From immersive gaming, advancements in VR, open-source multiple playing and cloud innovations, the gaming industry is leading the way in understanding how the technology revolution can inspire and motivate change in the retail sector

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