World Backup Day

World Backup Day

There really is a day for everything, and although “World Backup Day” doesn’t spark the same attention globally as Valentine’s Day or National Stress Awareness Day but it does give us the time to reflect on the importance of backing up; what, why and how.

The importance of backing up
Have you ever lost your phone? Deleted a presentation that you’ve been working on for what feels like forever? A small mistake could mean hours of work – or irreputable loss to your company, financial and trust. Data backup ensures that the data you create is stored separately from your main storage device, creating a point in time copy to recover to should a data loss incident happen.

I’ve heard it all before – tell me something different
The process and importance of backing up has been installed into us for years. As we work with a range of backup vendors, we wanted to share with you some stats and facts about data backup that maybe you didn’t know.


Cybercriminals continue to make ransomware attacks more common and increasingly sophisticated, posing a bigger challenge to businesses than ever before. On the rise around the world, these pervasive digital viruses encrypt victims’ files while hackers demand a ransom. Damages from ransomware are expected to exceed $11B by 2019 year-end. While there is no guarantee you won’t be infected with ransomware, a data protection strategy, including data backup and recovery technology from Carbonite, can ensure you’ll get critical data back in the event of an attack. When businesses back up with Carbonite, Carbonite’s point-in-time restore capabilities enable businesses to recover clean versions of data and stay up and running. Today, Carbonite is one of the existing leaders of ransomware protection, recovering more than 12,000 customers from ransomware attacks.


“According to our World Backup Day study of 432 EMEA IT professionals, too much trust is currently placed in platform providers such as Microsoft to protect data. This is despite businesses generating and storing more data than ever before. Our research suggests 41% don’t use third-party solutions to back-up their Office 365 data, claiming Microsoft provides all the support they need.

The reality is Office 365 doesn’t provide the level of backup most organisations out there need. The recycle bin empties after 93 days which means organisations couldn’t adhere to GDPR rules should there be a serious outage. Businesses need to realise that third-party cloud-to-cloud backup solutions are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but an urgent priority.” Chris Ross, SVP Sales at Barracuda

The easier it is to create your backups, the more likely you’ll actually do it and the more protection you have against accidental or malicious data loss. Acronis delivers user-friendly backup solutions with robust, built-in features that let you defend your business data and personal information in just a few clicks.

The threat landscape is increasing and despite the clear threats to their corporate data, our recent research found that more than half of organisations (56%) don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, allowing them to recover in the event of a cyber-attack. Only one in four (26%) IT decision-makers feel extremely confident in their organisation’s ability to recover their data in time to avoid business disruption.  And more than two-fifths (44%) of IT decision-makers believe that it has become more difficult to safeguard business-critical data over the past five years