Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conference

Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conference

As part of the CMS drive to Keep Business Moving and our push into the digital events market, CMS is delighted to work with our partners from Acronis to support the Cyber Protection Virtual Conference

Backup is Dead

Join the Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conference for Service Providers to Discover a Better Way to Deliver Data Protection and Cybersecurity

We’re bringing you a superstar experience – Here’s your chance to learn why IT leaders at global organisations like Arsenal Football Club and channel experts like Richard Tubb, The IT Business Growth Expert, choose cyber protection to face modern data loss risks.

Join IT Leaders and Channel Experts – Learn about the technical advantages and business opportunities that exist where data protection and cybersecurity meet

Why attend?

Legacy Solutions Cannot Protect Against Modern Cyberthreats

Organisations cannot rely on legacy solutions that were not designed to handle the increased data volumes, infrastructure complexity, and more sophisticated cyberattacks of today. They need cyber protection, which combines data protection with cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities.

At this 120-minute virtual conference, IT leaders from world-class, data-driven organisations will share the real-world protection challenges they face – and why they think cyber protection is the best way to overcome them.

You’ll also hear from service providers who are reducing their stress levels, decreasing tickets, and earning more, simply by offering cyber protection solutions.

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