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CMS Distribution is constantly aiming to improve its service and to achieve that goal has acquired additional subsidiaries to grow its network internationally.

Newgen CMS Subsidiary


Stockholm, Nordics and the Baltics


Manchester, UK
Sysob CMS Subsidiary


Schorndorf, Germany
VLC Distribution CMS Subsidiary


Texas, USA


Newgen is a leading Distribution company connecting the Nordics and the Baltics with the best technologies and range of products. Headed up by Max Elberg and Axel Diurson, Newgen Distribution joined the CMS family in 2016.

Newgen is a leading diversified distributor within Wearables & Accessories, Robotics & Drones, SSD & Storage, Security, Networking & Surveillance, Sound & Vision connected technologies, focusing on Northern Europe and The Baltics. They distribute to a variety of sectors including CE-chains, e-commerce, sport department chains and government sectors such as healthcare and education.

The Newgen team is specialised in sales, logistics, finance, RMA and product management as well as sourcing. They also help partner companies with launch-campaigns, local SEO/SEM, branding and all other challenges that could arise when targeting a new market.

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Newgen Leadership


Johannes Müllner



PDT was formed over 20 years ago by a small, dedicated group of musical instrument enthusiasts brought together by a love of music and a shared vision.

They believed that musical instruments should be easily accessible, so that anyone could let music touch their lives. The small and passionate team is led by David Holder from their base close to Manchester, the home of numerous successful rock bands.

PDT represents five brands, each specialising in the production of musical instruments over various genres throughout the globe: RockJam, Martin Smith, Music Alley, Windsor Music and Singing Machine.

The RockJam brand is one of the largest providers of complete entry level packages for electrical musical instruments across the globe. The keyboards and electric guitars are consistently best sellers on the Amazon platform in mainland Europe and America.

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PDT Leadership

David Holder PDT

David Holder



Sysob is one of our subsidiaries located in Schorndorf in the Bavarian Forest and is one of the largest owner-managed value-added Distributor in the German-speaking region.

It was established in 1999 by Thomas Hruby - who has shaped the German distribution market and is something of an institution. Thomas has a keen talent for spotting innovative, emerging talent to deliver to our vendors in cyber-security, solutions, W-Lan and server-based computing.

Sysob has a broad portfolio of forward-looking solutions and looks to guarantee the success of our partners.

As a total solution provider Sysob is focused on the planning, creation and integration of managed service concepts and are experts in the field, providing niche solutions to specialist vendors.

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Sysob Leadership


Thomas Hruby


VLC Distribution

Providing distribution solutions through brand/retailer partnerships for both brick & mortar fulfillment, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

VLC Distribution maintains unique positioning in the marketplace with the ability to provide its retail partners with an all-inclusive range of services.

Today VLC Distribution currently inventories over 9,000 SKUs from over 53 brands and has a state-of-the-art fulfilment center with over 105,000 square feet of warehouse space. In the past year, VLC has shipped 3.7 million items and processed over 520,000 transactions.

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VLC Distribution Leadership

John Hickey VLC

John Hickey


Use the phone numbers below to speak to a member of our customers services team in your chosen location. Alternatively, complete the form and we will aim to get back to you within one working day.

Phone Numbers


+44 20 8960 6000

Hardware UK

+44 1423 70 4700


+353 94 937 4061

Software UK

+44 20 8805 1000


+353 94 901 2331

consumer UK

+44 20 8962 2500

Ireland Sales

+353 94 937 4000


+44 20 8962 2460


+44 20 8805 1000