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Cybersecurity is an essential, fast-paced and ever-changing part of the IT ecosystem. Cyber threats are exponentially increasing in volume and severity and ensuring that your customers have the right solutions in place is not always easy – this is where CMS Distribution is here to help.

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Simply put, cybersecurity encompasses various technologies that protect your IT systems, networks, and data from attacks. Cyber-attacks usually aim to access, amend, or take data with the aim of gaining money or information from their victims.

Cybersecurity is a combination of data security, network security and application security – but these technologies aren’t one size fits all. They are constantly evolving to mitigate the risks of the various attacks that constantly plague organisations

Where does CMS add value?

With over 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity, CMS are trusted advisors within the IT industry. We offer the highest level of service and knowledge to both partners and their customers. Our dedicated Product Management team are fully trained and equipped to answer your questions on existing and upcoming technologies. They are enabled to work with you to accurately assess your customers’ needs, now and on an on-going basis as technologies develop.

Our expanding Solutions Team is comprised of Solution Architects certified across an array of vendors. They are able to look at the customers’ requirements and build a bespoke, multi-vendor solution tailored to individual needs


Cybersecurity Product Categories


Network Security

Network Security is a customer’s first line of defence against cyber-attacks. Various technologies combine to allow your employees and customers access to systems and information, whilst keeping threat actors at bay. With the network perimeter becoming increasingly blurred as organisations move to hybrid working models, ensuring network security remains scalable, manageable and cost-effective is a very challenging prospect for IT departments.

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Application Security

Do you require customer login? Do you process personal or financial information? Do you have specific industry or government security requirements? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you need Application Security. Over 75% of attacks targeted applications and, as of 2021, 90% of applications are still not adequately protected. Application specific security solutions are designed to look deeper into the incoming attack, identify the threat and prevent the attacker from entering the organisation’s systems.

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Data & Information Security

Data is the most valuable asset a company has. Ensuring its management and protection is sufficient is fundamental to any organisation’s operations. As this data continues to grow, is held across an increasing number of mediums, and is under constant attack from hackers, the challenge of how to do this effectively and efficiently is increasingly difficult.

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