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Our vision is to be a sustainable “glocal" business that connects people to innovative technologies and services. We focus our corporate responsibility on the three sustainability pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance. 

Through ESG reporting we commit to providing transparency to our stakeholders on both our internal practices, policies and our environmental impact. 

We are committed to sustainable business practices,
that foster long term partnerships with our stakeholders.


Frank Salmon

Frank Salmon, CEO and Founder

"Our ESG strategy is not only about compliance with regulations; it’s about our people, equality, and being responsible for our carbon footprint.

It impacts the products we choose to supply, what happens to these products at disposal, and our supply chain influence. All of  which, factor into how we can be a positive contributor to a sustainable future."

ESG Artwork Hands


We are committed to lowering our global carbon footprint. We acknowledge the devastating effect climate change has had and recognise this will continue to impact individuals and businesses at a direct level.

In line with the philosophy that “you can't manage, what you can't measure” we are currently calculating our scope 1-3 carbon emissions across all our global offices. Measuring the real impact of our business activities at this scale will enable us to make a significant step towards our decarbonization goals and set accurate reduction targets.



As our business grows, we aim to 'Find Great People, Grow Our People, and Keep Our People'.  Many of our policies set out to achieve this through the protection and training of our employees.

We commit to always providing a safe place to work and upholding all employee rights.

Engaging with and investing in our local communities has been fundamental to CMS over the last 35 years as seen in our social initiatives. We focus on three key areas: Wellbeing, Charity, and Diversity & Inclusion. 



Our people have access to a range of resources to support their wellbeing and mental health including 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme telephone support, private medical and dental insurance, and more.


Charity Initiatives

We are proud to match employee donations made to charitable causes 50/50. 

We aim to partner with local charities and initiatives to make a difference in our local communities.


Diversity & Inclusion

As a "glocal" business with a multinational workforce, we seek to facilitate conversations promoting a greater understanding of different cultures and to celebrate diversity. We know diversity and an inclusive workplace are critical to our future success.



We believe in strong corporate governance that sets the tone for the entire company’s attitude to risk, ethics, and business practices.

Accountability for our policies and general compliance is set by the group board. This comprises of a balance of executive and non-executive directors. 

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