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Exceeding Standards Of Smart Surveillance Solutions – DVS

“Toshiba’s recent R&D investment in its Surveillance HDD range has meant a solid and strong proposition from a storage powerhouse. They have an enviable reputation in this market segment and one we are only too glad to be a part of.”

Gavin Dunleavy | Commercial Director of DVS



Available in: UK

Today’s intelligent surveillance solutions face a range of challenges. It is not only large organisations that are looking for 24/7 protection from crime, vandalism, theft, and burglary. Small businesses, shops owners, and the general public are looking for solutions too. Customers also want rapid access the data recorded, in order to review it and implement counter measures. All this places further pressure on the surveillance industry to plan solutions that are easy to monitor, support remote access, and can be quickly searched. Technologies such as smart monitoring, AI, thermal imaging, and face recognition are driving security to the next level.

Experience smart surveillance solutions from Toshiba


To get the most out of these technologies, a security plan is mandatory. The positioning of cameras must be considered, as well as the quality of the images stored. For more complex projects, a management policy is highly recommended and data privacy issues must also be addressed appropriately.

A trustworthy and reliable surveillance partner is paramount in providing support and advice on these critical topics. “Our expertise enables us to tailor the respective solution to the business requirements of our customers”, Gavin Dunleavy stresses, Commercial Director of DVS. “Timely management of projects as well as a first-class service play an essential role at DVS.”

As a leading UK surveillance industry distributor for Hikvision for over 18 years, DVS provide Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) security solutions to trade and professional installers dealing with complex projects. “The improvement of public safety and quality of life is our utmost goal, “ underlines Gavin Dunleavy.

Intelligent surveillance analysis demands secure and reliable storage, which is why DVS started a partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (Toshiba) in 2021. This partnership took off during the start of the COVID pandemic and, from the beginning, Toshiba has lived up to their initial supply commitments, despite challenges such as pandemic-related factory closures and logistics constraints. This has shown that satisfaction of customer need is as important to Toshiba as it is to DVS. With a view to the supply chain, DVS’s customers have experienced no interruption in order fulfilment and turnaround.

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Security market, focusing on camera surveillance, network security and wireless networks

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Key challenges

Providing perfect fitting HDD solutions for DVS Network Video Recording (NVR) Approach customer`s need for surveillance in a new way & increase customer satisfaction



Toshiba support on marketing, training and inventory management for DVS. On-the-dot delivery of high-reliable, high-performance HDD solutions (S300, S300 Pro).

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Business outcomes

Improvement of product performance & supply.
Strengthening of customer service & satisfaction in collaboration with DVS Set up of exclusive, trusted partnership with DVS.


The quality, performance, and reliability of the S300 and S300 Pro HDDs, both designed for the needs of surveillance applications, are a perfect fit for even the most diverse deployment environments. The 3.5-inch S300 series is built to support up to 64 high-resolution surveillance video cameras simultaneously. With 6 TB capacity, the S300 has passed rigorous tests to ensure 24/7 reliability and performance under the harshest working conditions. Its larger brother — the 3.5-inch S300 Pro Surveillance Hard Drive — is also designed and tested for the rigor of 24/7 reliable surveillance. Built for speed, capacity, and extended data retention of data of up to 64 video cameras, S300 Pro captures pictures in high resolution and enables speedy analysis. As capacity is essential for continuous capture and retainment of video evidence over a period, these up to 10TB HDDs deliver the storage needed to record and playback events in real-time and high resolution, even supporting object identification and face recognition capabilities when implemented.

The customer's feedback on the storage solutions from Toshiba is very positive: “We have been pleased to learn that our customers really appreciated our cooperation with Toshiba. The drives are proving to be extremely reliable in the field.

“DVS is an important partner for Toshiba, as their influence over the securities market is unquestionable. Their expertise in sales and in communicating the latest technology trends makes them a trusted distributor to the surveillance channel and an obvious partner for us to launch our range of purpose-built Surveillance Hard Drives.” 


Jeff Briggs, Senior Manager Sales Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

Experience smart surveillance solutions from Toshiba


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