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Environmental Policy

It is the policy of CMS Distribution Ltd to do all its business in a way as to lessen or eliminate any adverse effect on the environment.

To achieve this, the company will:

  • Use all good environmental practices in its day-to-day operations.
  • Use material from sustainable sources.
  • Use registered waste disposal companies for removal of all waste streams.
  • Ensure all company vehicles meet all emission standards.
  • Always maintain high standards of cleanliness in respect of litter and wastepackaging.
  • Ensure any cleaning agents used are of a biodegradable nature.
  • Ensure any chemicals that are used do not present an environmental hazard.
  • Limit to a minimum and strive to eliminate all emissions to the atmosphere e.g.,dusts and carbon dioxide.
  • Limit to a minimum the use of electricity and gas supplies and to eliminate anywastage.
  • Stop the use of any chemicals that have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer.
  • Consider all environmental impacts of new equipment or new work undertaken.
  • Respect all clients' policies aimed at a better environment.

Signed by: Frank Salmon
Position: CEO
Date: 13/01/2022