SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper

Every network administrator knows that having a reliable network map is essential for everything from troubleshooting to design and planning. The problem starts when new network administrators inherit a network with no documentation or they simply ran out of time to create own network diagrams. SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM) offers a perfect solution which automatically maps organisation’s network. Network Topology Mapper can be used to discover and map an unlimited number of networks. With this tool, network administrators can easily discover devices on company’s network and create a highly accurate and incredibly detailed network diagrams.

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper: multiple network maps

What is SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper?

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper (NTM) shows nodes on the network, indicating and updating status both for the nodes and the network connections between them, in interrelated, scalable maps with customisable icons. NTM’s topological overview complements organisation’s primary network monitoring system (SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)), powerfully enhancing event triage by quickly showing how an issue with a particular node impacts larger aspects of organisation’s network. The great advantage of such visualised information is in facilitating planning. Policy adjustments, configuration changes, and capacity planning all depend on the metrics against which the monitoring systems generate its graphical information. Monitoring nodes, users, applications, and the different kinds of network traffic, as well as addressing issues that impact performance and security are daily challenges. And a good alerting system is the key to efficiently relating monitoring to management.

Key fetures of Network Topology Mapper

The Power of Visualised InformationSolarWinds Network Topology Mapper: dashboard

Trends in graphs and percentages in charts effectively tell what’s happening with network at the interface, node, and traffic level. As a result, network administrators can send these results of measures to reports and the IT team can get a snapshot of daily, weekly, and monthly behaviour. Without these vital statistics an IT team’s anticipation and planning would be trapped on the edge of impending crisis.

Scheduling Device and Topology Discovery

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper uses multiple discovery methods to map all types of devices and their interconnections such as switches, routers, servers, VMs, unmanaged nodes, desktop computers, and peripheral devices. In scanning a network, devices and network segments can be excluded from discovery scans and also changes in network topology can be easily tracked through scheduled updates. Since Network Topology Mapper discovers multiple links for devices and maps Layer 2 (port level) and Layer 3 (logical) connectivity, as well as Etherchannel relationships, network administrators can see and more easily understand physical and logical relationships between devices. Network Topology Mapper enables users to view each layer separately or combined in one map.

Strategically Managing Maps

solarwinds-network-topology-mapper-many-mapsBy working with the maps based on a discovery scan, network administrators can choose to display or hide various details about the mapped nodes and the connections between them. Nodes can be arranged according to predefined layouts or by manually dragging them. Also, users can select an area of the larger map and copy it into a separate map.

Sharing and Printing Maps

NTM facilitates IT monitoring, planning, trouble-shooting workflows by being able to export maps to multiple formats, such as Visio, PNG, Orion Network Atlas, PDF and NTM Map.

Encrypting Maps

Finally, SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper enables stored and exported maps to be encryption protected with a password. This secures detailed network information contained in maps from being accessed by unauthorised users. NTM uses FIPS-compliant encryption to secure map data in native NTM map files.



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