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As a world-leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. MSI has integrated all gamers’ coveted functions into its gaming rigs, eliminating the tedious trial and error by themselves and pushing the performance beyond limits. The determination to surpass past achievements has made MSI a ‘True Gaming’ brand throughout the industry.

Adding to its unanimous acclaim in the gaming field is MSI’s reputation as a trailblazer and top brand in digital content creation. Built around MSI’s decade-long pioneering tech in gaming, the Content Creation Series packs stunning color accuracy, long-lasting battery life, high fidelity audio and excellent performance into an ultra-portable, stylish chassis for photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, video editors and other professionals around the world.


MSI Optix MPG27CQ2 – G.A.M.E. UNLIMITED. Bringing gaming and immersion together.

Always keep an eye on your in-game status and never lose sight of your enemy. With the new MSI Optix MPG series, monitors we wanted to make sure you always have the right information on time to challenge your opponents. With built in RGB LED’s on the front and support of SteelSeries GameSense you can check your ammo, health or power stats on you monitor. Have super smooth gameplay with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

MSI MPG27C overview

Feel like you are in the game with our curved display and a super narrow bezel, to give you the best immersion possible in the latest games with a multi-monitor 180 degree setup.  This allows you to enjoy better continuity between screens while playing games, working, or general computing and prevent eye strain for longer gaming sessions with Less Blue Light and Anti-Flicker.

The Optix Gaming Monitor houses a beautiful 27”curved VA display for maximum viewing pleasure. Compared to a 24” and 21” monitor, the Optix Gaming Monitor contains 36% more screen real-estate which gives you more space to work and more space to play. Experience total game immersion and never lose sight of your enemy.

MSI Prestige PS341WU – Perfect Asymmetry

The MSI Prestige PS341WU was inspired by the combination of Western oil & Eastern ink painting. An asymmetrical circle and a curved line on the back perfectly blend with the symmetrical square on the front – integrate the viewing experience into the creators’ life. This is perfect.

34” Ultra-wide WUHD resolution display support 4K full-size window and a buffer workspace to preview the content simultaneously. It not only brings you more visual information but also makes every detail clear, even when you never notice.

DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Initiatives Color Standard) brings out the full color expressio for your video editing. It reproduces the color just like what you see on the preview camera & it provides the most accurate conditions for your creation, especially for the color green & red, shadow detail, saturation & brightness while editing in post-production.


Today, most people can’t live without a computer, however require space savings, power and flexibility all from a single desktop computer – here’s the solution: an All-in-One or Mini PC.


The market for mini desktop computers has grown dramatically over the past few years. While many people choose the large gaming PC builds, however as they are not for everyone, MSI have developed the Mini PC, which is a compact system, whilst still having a fast processor. The Mini PC is an ideal solution for many different applications, this micro form factor PC is a fantastic solution for projects including powering digital signage or to “Go Green” in the office and save on power bills. Not forgetting they are space-saving, more affordable than a full system and have other benefits like being quieter, cooler running and portable.


A mini-PC has a number of advantages over a regular desktop PC or notebook or even tablet.

1. Size

This is the obvious advantage. Depending on the model, can be as small as a novel or jewellery box, sometimes even smaller. You can tuck the PC away where it is essentially invisible and save a significant amount of space.

2. Versatility

A Mini PC can have all the power of a standard desktop PC and components such as the RAM and hard drive can easily be changed.  Additionally, hook it up to a screen of choice, whether that is a regular monitor, open frame display, or a TV screen.

3. Cost

Mini PCs are more affordable and very cost effective to operate.

4. Energy consumption

These devices use the latest developments in energy saving technology to run on less power and reduce heat.


A normal computer consists of monitor, CPU and its other components but an All-in-One computer consists of everything built into the monitor. The All-in-One computer (AIO) is easy to place and easy to use, as well as taking up less space and has fewer wire connections.

The AIO PC is the perfect solution for a number of public services sectors such as Education and Healthcare, being space saving, power efficient, which helps the environments and saves on electric costs.


1. Save space

The AIO computer has several distinct advantages over the traditional desktop computer. As noted, it has a slimmer design that takes up less overall space than the bulkier tower and monitor configuration.
Many offices struggle to find places to put the computers, so they may end up on the floor, in a dusty cabinet, or in-hard-to-reach places within the work cubicle. When you consider that some businesses have hundreds – if not thousands – of desktops to store, and ultimately must turn to computer disposal, switching to an AIO PC can save significant space.

2. Pleasing to the eye

The AIO is often purchased with size in mind, so its design is a bit more aesthetically pleasing in colour and finish than many traditional desktop computers.

3. Save on energy and maintenance

Many of the headaches that traditional desktops cause can be resolved by switching to an AIO computer. Dusty, loud, and power-hungry desktop towers can get noisy and create unwanted heat.
MSI AIO computers combat these issues by being energy-efficient, allowing them to keep things quiet and not give off the type of heat that comes from their larger, often clunkier counterparts.
Keeping an AIO dust-free is also easier since the unit sits on the desk where it’s easily within cleaning reach. With fewer ports and openings to tend to, these sleeker and smaller computers can be wiped down and cared for with minimal effort.


It’s clear the benefits of an AIO & Mini PC provide a de-cluttered workspace with their space saving designs, provide cost savings with their energy-efficient technology along with their flexibility and versatility


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