As the inventor of NAND flash memory, Toshiba is a world leader in flash memory and storage solutions with a comprehensive range of hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs), solid state drives (SSDs) and NAND flash memories.

Remaining at the forefront of the storage industry for over 40 years, Toshiba’s portfolio of data storage technology is designed for applications spanning the enterprise, mobile, factory automation and consumer environments.

Toshiba’s data storage products are manufactured with the same pioneering high technology that is used in their digital consumer electronics and appliances, and industrial and social infrastructure systems.

USB 3.0 Connectivity

Selected Toshiba flash and hard drives have SuperSpeed (SS) USB 3.0 connectivity (backwards compatible with USB 2.0), supporting data transfer speeds up to ten times faster than the USB 2.0 standard.

Toshiba: Inventor of NAND Flash Memory


In 1984, Toshiba developed a new type of semiconductor memory called flash memory, leading the industry into the next generation – well ahead of their competitors. In 1987, NAND flash memory (NAND) was developed, and this has since been used in a variety of memory cards and electronic equipment. The NAND market has since grown rapidly, with flash memory becoming an internationally standardised memory device.

Toshiba, the inventor of flash memory, has carved out a path to a new era where videos, music, pictures and data can be carried anywhere in the world.

Portable Hard Drives (HDD)

Toshiba offers an extensive selection of USB powered portable hard drives to enable customers to have their data with them at all times. Toshiba’s portable hard drives (HDD) are durable and extremely light, perfect for on-the-go use.

From mobile and desktop hard drives, to hard drives especially designed for TVs, the external storage product range from Toshiba offers complete, sophisticated and premium storage solutions.

With a range of capacities to choose from, including the 1TB and 2TB hard drives, Toshiba’s HDDs provide a higher cost performance (lower price per GB) than SSD.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Toshiba’s internal Solid State Drives (SSD) provide speed and reliability. Since SSDs have no mechanical moving parts, they are superior to HDDs in terms of read performance, resistance to shock and vibration and quiet operation.

With access times up to 100 times faster than a standard 7,200 rpm hard drive, Toshiba’s SDDs boot faster and are great for gaming, multitasking and number crunching.

Free 10GB Cloud Storage & Remote Access Software

Toshiba Cloud Storage

Customers can receive 10GB cloud storage and remote access storage FREE with selected hard disk drives (HDD), accessible from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Connect the Toshiba Canvio Premium, Canvio Premium for Mac, Canvio Slim, Canvio Slim for Mac or Canvio Connect II to a home network, and achieve easy, wireless access from home, or away.

Flash Memory – Compact, High Capacity Storage


Toshiba’s range of flash memory provides compact and reliable storage, whether it’s for an everyday storage solution, or a high-capacity device for professional use. Offering a range of capacities in each, Toshiba’s flash memory portfolio includes SD cards, wireless SD cards, MicroSDTM cards, CompactFlash® cards and USB cards.

Toshiba’s New Packaging Concept

Toshiba’s new packaging design means that storage products are clearly sorted according to performance criteria and features. With the clear colour coding, customers immediately know which products best meet their requirements.

Premium: for pro users who need speed, absolute reliability, and sophisticated additional functions.

Advanced: for advanced users, providing high quality and high speed with additional functions.

Standard: for users wanting top quality, reliable functionality and essential features.

CMS Distribution supplies the latest Toshiba SSDs, flash drives, plus internal and external hard drives.

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