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Arcserve and StorageCraft have merged, becoming the new global business continuity leader, offering the broadest portfolio of orchestrated data recovery and proactive ransomware protection solutions available in one unified product line.

Arcserve data protection
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Why Arcserve?

Available in: UK

A first and last line of defence, designed for your business.

Ransomware has become the biggest risk to businesses, with an attack estimated to occur every 11 seconds in 2021. It’s time to fight back.

Protecting your infrastructure from security threats, data loss, and downtime is tough enough, but juggling multiple strategies, processes, vendors, SLAs, and support teams only adds complexity and leaves you open to security gaps. Arcserve’s data and ransomware protection was designed to meet the demands of today’s IT by removing standalone, discrete products while delivering proven, all-in-one cybersecurity, backup, and orchestrated recovery. Powerful integration brings you a first and last line of defence against cyberattacks and data loss, for peace of mind that your business can withstand any threat.

The NEW Arcserve provides an easier path to complete business continuity. Its cleverly orchestrated technology integrations and innovative roadmap gives channel organisations and end customers a seamless evolution from current to next-generation infrastructures and data workloads, including hyper-converged, multi-cloud, containers, edge infrastructures, and next-generation cloud data centres.

Due to the sophisticated synchronisation of cutting-edge technologies powered by Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), Sophos Intercept X, and OneXafe, Arcserve delivers the only means to neutralise cyberattacks, including ransomware, without the complexity of siloed cybersecurity and data protection strategies. The end result: respond with a “no” to a ransomware demand and recover with confidence.


Data & Information Security


Comprehensive data protection and cybersecurity for your critical backup infrastructure

Data & Information Security

Arcserve 9000 Appliance

First and last line of defence against cyber-attacks, IT disasters and data loss.

OneXafe 4417-2022
Data Storage


Scale-out object-based immutable NAS storage


CMS Distribution has been the authorised distributor in UK and Ireland for Arcserve since 2000, supporting reseller partners with business and technical services.

Arcserve solutions have pushed the boundaries of backup performance and reinvented data protection. They strive to transform the next generation of data protection architecture and cut through needless complexity and cost by focusing on recovery assurance capabilities. They offer innovative, industry-leading solutions to efficiently secure and protect your customer's systems, applications, and data. Arcserve are not just another backup solution – they are data protection made simple


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