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Digitate is a leading software provider bringing agility, assurance, and resiliency to IT and business operations through AI, Automation and Machine Learning.

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Why Digitate?

Available in: UK

Transform your operations across domains using AI and Automation towards an Autonomous Enterprise for improved resilience, assurance, and superior customer experience.

Digitate’s award-winning intelligent automation software, ignio, reimagines enterprise IT, and business landscapes. Its unique and innovative closed-loop approach combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to autonomously resolve and prevent issues. ignio helps to resolve operational woes for an agile, resilient and autonomous enterprise to save ignio customers time and money.

With ignio, you can transform your IT and business operations from reactive to proactive, and take a leap forward to ‘Predict, Prescribe and Prevent’ IT operational challenges.

Digitate’s customers span across industry verticals and include large, global enterprises that are leaders and innovators in their respective industries.


Digitate ignio AIops
Artificial Intelligence

ignio AIOps

AI/ML driven software that delivers resilient, agile and autonomous IT operations.

Digitate ignio AI workload management
Artificial Intelligence

ignio AI.Workload Management

AI/ML-driven software for transforming workload-management operations by monitoring, diagnosing and predicting outages.

Digitate ignio ERP OPS
Artificial Intelligence

ignio ERPOps

AI-based insight-driven product for autonomous SAP operations.

Digitate ignio cognitive procurement
Artificial Intelligence

ignio Cognitive Procurement

AI-based analytics solution that screens purchase transactions and identifies saving opportunities.

Digitate ignio ai digital workspace
Artificial Intelligence

ignio Digital Workspace

AI/ML-driven self-healing, end-user experience management product for a happier, secured and highly productive digital workspace.

Digitate ignio ai assurance
Artificial Intelligence

ignio AI.Assurance

Autonomous Assurance product that leverages AI/ML capabilities to deliver better software faster.

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Why Partner with CMS & Digitate?

By partnering with CMS and Digitate, you can gain access to the Digitate Partner Programme, which offers a lucrative and sustainable opportunity for VARs, MSPs, consultancy partners and SIs.

The Digitate Partner Programme is free to join and includes the following benefits:

  •  High value, award winning solutions
  • Recurring revenue stream from subscription pricing
  • Strong margin structure, with larger than average deal sizes
  • Significant, incremental services opportunity
  • Build and sell your own IP through Digitate’s Studio facility
  • Full access to ‘high-touch’ sales, pre-sales services/implementation resources /support
  • Easy access to content via the Partner Portal
  • Joint go-to-market planning
  • Lead generation and passing
  • RFP response support
  • Access to a deal registration portal


Contact us to find out how we can develop your Digitate business: