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EcoFlow create the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions that enable you to live, dream, and explore without limits.

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CMS Distribution Ecoflow

Why EcoFlow?

Available in: UK

Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace of mind to customers in over 100 markets through its DELTA and RIVER portable power stations and varied accessories. EcoFlow's mission is to reinvent the way the world generates, stores and uses energy through creative, environmentally-conscious innovation.

EcoFlow Products

Power Station

Power Station

EcoFlow portable power stations are battery-powered generators that keep your gear charged up and ready wherever you are.  From family camping to home backup, get yourself convenient power without the noise, fumes, and fuss of a traditional gas generator.

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Smart Devices


Portable Air Conditioners, Fridges and Robotic Lawn Mowers. Industry first fastest cooling and heating, 3-in-1 fridge freezer, and ice makers and Robotic Lawn Sweeping Mower.

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Battery Solution


Home solar battery solution, with no storage inverter required and with a modular design up to 45kWh. Starting building a net-zero home from only 5kWh.

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Solar Panels


Portable and lightweight solar panels, with up to 23% conversion rate. Durable in weather with IP68 waterproof rating, and a one-piece folding design.

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All the accessories needed for the power stations, smart devices, solar panels and battery solutions. From bags to cables, adapters to generators.

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Why Partner with CMS & EcoFlow?

CMS are an authorised distributor for EcoFlow and our partnership is providing support for retailers, e-tailers and specialist stores all around the UK and Ireland. We can help your business develop and build an extensive range of power solutions and create custom solutions for your clients.


Contact us to find out how we can develop your EcoFlow business: