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Morphisec offers IT and security professionals peace of mind by stopping ransomware and other advanced attacks from endpoint to the cloud— attacks next generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions don’t stop. Morphisec provides defence in depth, augmenting NGAV and EDR to harden your attack surface.
Morphisec’s secret sauce is our patented Moving Target Defence (MTD) technology. It creates a dynamic attack surface threat actors can’t penetrate, proactively preventing attacks in a time and resource efficient manner. Recommended by Gartner, MTD is a disruptive technology that offers differentiated value



Available in: UK , Ireland

Morphisec offers IT and security professionals peace of mind by providing cloud-native software for endpoints specifically designed to prevent polymorphic advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other zero day attacks that today’s AV and EDR solutions don’t stop. We call this breach prevention made easy. Since 2014, Morphisec has been preventing up to 30,000 ransomware and other zero-day attacks per day across nine million endpoints and servers at 5,000 companies worldwide.


Endpoint Protection

Morphisec Guard

Stops ransomware and zero-day threats with Moving Target Defence that augments endpoint security solutions (AV/EDR) using lightweight agents and a cloud-native management console.

Server Protection

Morphisec Keep

Morphisec Keep prevents ransomware on Microsoft and Linux servers by augmenting traditional server security with Moving Target Defence (MTD) technology. MTD creates a dynamic attack surface threat actors can’t penetrate.

Vulnerability Management

Morphisec Scout

Morphisec Scout reduces risks for breaches, lawsuits, fines, and brand damage. It’s a simple yet powerful solution offering continuous vulnerability visibility and management to lower your risk, effort, and costs.

Introducing Moving Target Defense

MTD leverages a simple, potent, and proven strategy to prevent cyber attacks: a moving target is harder to hit than a stationary one. MTD takes a prevention-first approach to complement more reactive fortifications that may miss more sophisticated zero-day threats by constantly shifting and hiding entry points from criminals to prevent them from getting in. Even better, it sets a trap to capture threat actors’ movements to further secure against future attacks.

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Why Partner with CMS & MORPHISEC?

CMS Distribution specialises in taking emerging technologies to market whilst growing established brands using a range of value-added services. Morphisec’s Moving Target Defense technology has been recognized by Gartner as a key technology for improving security. Together Morphisec and CMS offer innovative, industry-leading solutions to proactively secure and protect endpoints and servers.


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