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Polaroid is the original Instant Photography brand. Invented by Edward Land in 1948, the company has always been the go to for the magic of Instant.

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Why Polaroid?

Available in: UK , Ireland

If you stop and think about it, our lives are built by moments: moments that can change your life, and everyday moments that create your life.

In today’s world, there’s not much time to appreciate what’s in front of us. Everything feels temporary and disposable. Nothing is around long enough to move us. To make us feel connected; to make us feel human — and we won’t stand for that.


We exist to help you see those moments, to pause them, and to relive them in something you can hold in your hand and turn to forever. From our refurbished vintage Polaroid cameras to the Polaroid Lab, we create beautiful, life-enriching tools to ground you in the here and now.


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Instant Camera

Go Series

Capture real life on the Go. Our most portable, wearable, take anywhere-able Polaroid Go Generation 2 instant camera has been upgraded with a larger aperture range, precise light sensor, and on-point-exposure settings to make your pictures even better.

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Instant Camera

Now Series

Welcome to the beautifully imperfect world of Polaroid Now Generation 2 camera. The classic, iconic analogue instant self-timer, and double exposure. All in a classic design, and now made with 40% recycled materials. Compatible with Polaroid i-Type & 600 film in the original Polaroid instant film format.

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Instant Film


Despite the digital evolution of photography, the nature of Polaroid film continues to captivate enthusiasts and artists, preserving moments into something you can hold forever.

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Hi Print

Snap it, print it, peel it, stick it; it's that easy with Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 printer. A Bluetooth pocket photo printer that turns your phone's shots into high-quality print that you can peel and stick on whatever (and whoever) you like. It's the pocket printer your imagination needs. Only compatible with Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3 Paper Cartridge.

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From phone to Polaroid film: turn your best digital shots into real life Polaroid photos with the Polaroid Lab. Print your phone's shots using 100% Polaroid chemistry, and connect to the Polaroid App to create split frame collages and even moving Augmented Reality photos. Compatible with Polaroid i-Type & 600 film in the classic Polaroid instant film format.

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Why Partner with CMS & Polaroid?

This collaboration between Polaroid and CMS Distribution allows for a wider array of product to be accessible for our valued customers. Through CMS Distribution's extensive expertise in distribution and logistics, this partnership will create a powerful synergy that will empower us to reach new heights in the market.


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