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Since 1979, Seagate have been creating precision-engineered data storage technologies that deliver superior capacity, speed, safety, and performance.

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Why Seagate?

Available in: UK , EMEA , AMR , JAPAC

Seagate know that data is always in motion, alive, connected—and they harness it in order to maximise human potential.

Seagate is the leading provider of bytes globally, having shipped over 3 zettabytes in their 40-year history. Data is in their DNA. They deliver world-class, precision-engineered data solutions, developed through sustainable and profitable partnerships.


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Powerful performance with proven technology. Seagate EXOS X20 Drives are built off the platform that's shipped millions globally and deployed in leading cloud service provider solutions- making them the most sought after drives in our datasphere 

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Why Partner with CMS & Seagate?

CMS and Seagate work closely on solution integration on NAS and NL product segments and have done successfully since 2011. CMS handle the warranty, swap outs and returns of Seagate drives, and have fantastic pre-sales and post-sales knowledge to ensure the customer gets the right drive in the right solution. CMS also distribute Seagate’s external product range, which includes LaCie, that is targeted at the broadcasting and prosumer markets.


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