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As a global provider of networking solutions, TP-Link is fully committed to developing home and business networking solutions and services for consumers, providers and partners, embracing the process of innovation through technology.

TP-Link range of networking products

Why TP-Link?

Available in: UK , Ireland

TP-Link provides reliable networks and solutions for hospitality, education, retail, office, and more—all over the world.

Founded in 1996, TP-Link has become one of the world’s leading providers in WLAN markets, serving billions of consumers worldwide.

TP-Link is a company that is fully committed to developing its products, services and consumer relations through extensive R&D, strict Quality Assurance practices and effective outreach initiatives. Customer loyalty through interaction, focus and feedback are policies that help form the TP-Link culture, as well as a commitment to achieve and a dedication to innovate.


TP-Link networking products

TP-Link Networking

Reliable, professional and efficient one-stop solution.

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TP-Link networking people using wireless devices

TP-Link Wi-Fi

Fast. Stable. Everywhere.

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TP-Link Smart Home devices Kasa and Tapo

TP-Link Smart Home

Consistently Smart.

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TP-Link Mesh wifi products

Why Partner with CMS & TP-Link?

CMS and TP-Link work in harmony with their desire to help grow business, with relationships built on their unrivalled commitment to partners.

The TP-Link Partner Program provides you with the essential resources to accelerate your sales cycle and help you grow your business. The redesigned pricing structure simplifies the way you do business. Partners can now purchase products at drastically reduced prices without complicated calculations.

The Partner Program has four tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum, all of which offer a full line-up of benefits, including direct incentives, deal registration, exclusive members–only promotions, and instant access to a robust set of sales tools.


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