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Victrola have been producing class-leading record players since 1906. Their range comprises of suitcase and hybrid turntables, as well as music centres.

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Why Victrola?

Available in: UK

Victrola’s range of outstanding record players can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Suitcase Turntables
  • Hybrid Turntables
  • Music Centres

Designed to look aesthetically pleasing without compromising on sound quality, Victrola has been a name you can trust for over 110+ years. The same attention to detail is ingrained in today’s products as it was back in 1906.



VTA 205B MAH 1 700x700
Speakers & Turntables

Victrola Hawthorne Music Centre

7-in-1 music centre, traditional styling, Bluetooth compatible.

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Speakers & Turntables

Victrola Journey Suitcase Turntable

Range of finishes, 33/45 & 78 RPM, Bluetooth compatible.

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VTA-240B xl
Speakers & Turntables

Victrola Empire Jr Music Centre

4-in-1 Music Centre, 33/45 & 78 RPM, Classic styling.

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Speakers & Turntables

Revolution Go

The world's first portable, rechargeable bluetooth record player.

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VTA 200 B - Lifestyle 1 - Headband-1

Why Partner with CMS & Victrola?

Victrola have a very hands-on approach when it comes to building relationships with our key customers. From the introductory meeting, profile ranging, new launches and everything in between, we work side-by-side to ensure our/their customers receive the best possible service.

Collaboration is key to any brand’s success, and CMS is proud to work closely with Victrola from their sales teams, right through to the warehouse staff.


Contact us to find out how we can develop your Victrola business: