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Zimperium, Inc. is a global leader in mobile device and app security, offering real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats on Android, iOS and Chromebook endpoints. The company was founded under the premise that the then current state of mobile security was insufficient to solve the growing mobile security problem. At the time, most mobile security was a port from traditional endpoint security technologies.

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Why Zimperium?

Available in: UK , IE

There are two main reasons for signing Zimperium. We have a growing Cyber product suite and Zimperium gives us a best of breed solution into the rapidly growing Mobile Cyber market. Mobile devices are the largest IT product on which email is read. The average mobile user has over 120 Apps on their phone which is a significant risk.

Zimperium Products

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Zimperium Mobile Threat Defence

Mobile Threat Protection

Download Zimperium's Mobile Banking Heists Report 2023 to discover how Zimperium’s latest research explores a dynamic and expanding threat landscape by meticulously analysing 29 banking malware families and associated trojan applications.

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Zimperium Mobile App Protection Suite

Mobile App Protection

Download Zimperium's Mobile Application Protection Suite to explore the benefits of building safe and secure apps.



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Why Partner with CMS & Zimperium?

The use of mobile devices in business is growing rapidly. Over 60% of corporate data is accessed via Mobile. On Average there are 10 business apps on a mobile phone hence giving access to Corporate data via mobile devices. Mobile devices are the standard for securing access into Corporate systems and are not secured. Mobile threats are the No1 concern for companies.

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