How Technology is Changing the Gaming Future

How Technology is Changing the Gaming Future

The constant advancement of technology enhancements is news to nobody.  The impact we are seeing on a day to day basis of tech insights and future-proof augmented digital possibilities are changing everything around us.

Whether you are a gaming expert or not, there is no doubting the enormous impact on the role of the game playing market has in the growth and expansion of technology innovation solutions.

Shall we play a game?

Playing a game can be defined as an activity that someone engages in for amusement. We play games because it’s fun; it increases brain function, practices cognitive skills and releases serotonin, the happy chemical. As technology has advanced, the thrill and allure of playing games have only increased, with more visual stimulus, creativity, and satisfaction.

From the first board game, Senet, found in Egypt in 3100 BC to virtual gaming, facial recognition and gesture control technology, technology has changed the way people game. Dissecting the history of gaming and its platforms provides insight into how and why technology has influenced this activity.

Gaming has come a long way. New iterations of gaming consoles come out more often than they used to. Microsoft and Sony both released 2.0 versions of their current generation systems. Xbox One evolved into the Xbox One S. The PS4 evolved into the PS4 Pro. Why the upgrade? New TV tech of course…. The original systems weren’t designed to support 4k/HDR picture modes.

The Future of Gaming Innovation

Imagine a world where you’re playing a game; you can add features and create new realms as you play; a world in which your imagination has no limits. Imagine a world with an infinite number of game players, where you all exist in the same world. This would give immersive gaming a whole new meaning.

Spurred by the success of Fortnite, tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are all leaping into the world of game-streaming. They’re each launching platforms that use their cloud computing heft to power game-streaming free from the pricy consoles that have anchored the video game industry for decades. Broadband slaying the game box. They’re also setting up or buying over gaming studios to develop their arsenal of games with which to woo players.

At stake is more than a slice of what’s a new market for most of these tech titans. This is equally about retaining control of the social media market, at a time when games like Fortnite and streaming platforms like Twitch are holding user attention for much longer than Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.

CMS Connect 2020

If you need any real observable proof of the speedy advancement of digital technology over the years, take a long look at the gaming industry.

From immersive gaming, advancements in VR, open-source multiple playing and cloud innovations, the gaming industry is leading the way in understanding how the technology revolution can inspire and motivate change in the retail sector.

CMS Connect is a one-day event, helping customers explore the latest industry trends and discover emerging consumer technology. The 2020 focus is on how Innovation with Gamification is changing the way we use technology in the retail space.

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