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PowerColor is the oldest AMD graphics card vendor – in the world!

The year 2000 was a historical year for PowerColor, as they became AMD’s very first AMD only AIB partner. By 2003 they became the largest supplier of AMD Graphics cards in the World!

PowerColor is the platform of choice for avid PC gamers and video prosumers looking to get the best possible performance out of the latest graphics processors from AMD.

PowerColor Introduction

The Vision

PowerColor’s vision is to become the first choice for gaming enthusiasts the world over. The parent company, TUL, formerly known as C.P. Technologies, is derived from the phrase “Technology Un-Limited”, reflecting their commitment to offering the ultimate in total solutions for technology needs.

They focus on customer needs and design products that deliver the best quality  whilst giving them the best experience possible.  They understand by adopting this ethos ensures they maintain high levels of customer satisfaction that motivates and drives the PowerColor teams world wide to constantly improve.

PowerColor’s true passion to innovate and create the next wave of game changing product’s shows through as they invest heavily in R&D to maintain this momentum and realise this vision.  Their in-house team of engineers, designer’s, software experts, UI/UX developers ensures they are able to manage all of their needs. It’s a platform for innovation and excellence that keeps them delivering leading edge products.

Their custom manufacturing facilities offer a dynamic range of High Mix, Low Volume capabilities as well as traditional high volume – giving them a unique advantage to offer customised products to suit different markets and even individual customer needs.

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