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Introducing ShiftCam, the mobile photography solution that takes your smartphone photography to the next level! With the advanced MagSafe technology, the ShiftCam ecosystem easily snaps onto your phone, instantly transforming it into a high-quality DSLR camera. No need to carry bulky equipment, ShiftCam has got you covered!

Creator Kit
CMS Distribution ShiftCam

Why ShiftCam?

Available in: UK , Ireland

ShiftCam offers a unique product to the mobile photography world! Convert your smartphone into a DSLR camera whilst keeping it fully charged all day.

Additionally, the ShiftCam system features a built-in charger, ensuring that your phone remains charged while capturing stunning images. With the ShiftCam ecosystem, you can explore new creative horizons and capture stunning photos like never before.


progrip starter kit
Mobile Photography

Progrip Starter Kit

Inspired by the DSLR Battery Grip. Empowered you to shoot all day. Compatible with all smartphones including iPhone 14.

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Mobile Photography

SnapGrip Creator Kit

ShiftCam's SnapGrip Creator Kit features three key accessories that will improve your iPhone photography experience.

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Mobile Photography

SnapGrip (Chalk Pink)

SnapGrip is an all-in-one compact grip, dock and charger that allows smartphone users to shoot quickly and comfortably.

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Mobile Photography

Snappod (Abyss Blue)

This is a selfie stick that also clamps to your iPhone magnetically. It will also magnetically dock with an already attached SnapGrip so the two devices can work together. The SnapPod's handle doubles up as a mini tripod.

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Mobile Photography

Snaplight (Midnight Black)

The SnapLight is a mini LED ring for hands-free lighting. It magnetically clamps to your iPhone (or to an attached SnapGrip or SnapPod). You can flip the SnapLight to shoot a selfie with the phone's front-facing camera or add light to subjects in close proximity to your devices' rear camera.

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Why Partner with CMS & ShiftCam?

As the Exclusive distributor in the UK and IRE regions, CMS are perfectly positioned to fulfil any needs and demands. As ShiftCam's popularity grows, we will be positioned to deliver a quality service to support this growth.


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